North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Sunday, 19 June 2011

June at Lymehurst

Well I can hardly believe that we are fast approaching the longest day. With the weather being so changeable it's hard to pin point which month we are in. Last year Rebecca and I had already been in swimming in  May. This year I have got as far as paddling!
Again I have not been good at blogging but I have a good excuse in that I finally succumbed to a bug that was doing the rounds and am only now getting my strength back. Unfortunately I have missed several events that have taken place in or around Llandudno. However, today I went for a lovely walk to Deganwy. It was quite blustery but this provided excellent conditions for the kite surfers and sailors.

 Lots of sailing boats with Anglesey in the background

One sailing boat heading for the marina as the tide begins to turn

 There was a lot of tacking going on with the boats really leaning over
West Shore is so popular with Kite Surfers that they all congregate when the conditions are good.

The weather was bringing out all sports

The Conwy cycle/ footpath is great for families to cycle on as there is no traffic to contend with.....apart from pedesrians!! Since the path was completed a couple of years ago it has become such a popular walking and cycling route and as you can see from the photos you see all sorts of things from the path. It's really good to see so many people participating in all these different types of activities.
This weekend I have a couple staying who have stayed on two other occasions and then this evening I have two German ladies who are on their 2nd visit. They are determined to walk to the top of Snowdon this time but I have just checked the local weather report and oh dear me it's not looking good. Thunderstorms on Wednesday and either cloud or rain the other 3 days.
It's actually really nice having guest that you've met before as it makes it far more relaxed both for me and for them. The German ladies said how nice it was not to have to worry about how to get here from the station and then as they have the same rooms they feel at home straight away. I wonder if they will get to Snowdon summit.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Three Castles Welsh Classic Trial and Heritage Tour

Again this appears to have been a very popular event, so popular that my guests had to try quite a few eating places before they were able to find somewhere to eat!! When out strolling on the promenade our guests were amazed to find that so many classic vehicles were actually parked on the promenade for visitors to look at. Fantastic setting of Llandudno Bay and pier as the backdrop. Unfortunately we didn't get down to see the rally ourselves but I'm sure there'll be plenty of information and photos on the website