North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A weekend of glorious weather in Llandudno

The beach at West Shore looking towards The Great Orme
 So after all the mild weather and gales we suddenly found ourselves with a cold frosty weekend. The sun was shining and we had blue skies and I think a lot of people had the same idea to make the most of the lovely bright weather. Suddenly the road along West Shore was full of cars and there were lots of people out walking and sitting on the benches just taking in the fabulous views to the mountains and Anglesey.
West Shore

!st sailing boat
Lots of people walking round The Great Orme

Having walked along the  beach as the diggers were still busy trying to clear all the sand off the foot/ cycle path I arrived at Deganwy and sat myself down so i could fully admire the scene in front of me. Looking across the river towards the Marina at Conwy and then up the river to Conwy Castle. It never ceases to amaze me how spectacular the scenery is. The picture below is of the outer part of the Deganwy Marina. It was so picturesque with the buildings being reflected in the water. 

Sailing boats moored in the river
The fine weather even brought me some guests who had seen the weather forecast and decided to head for the coast. It was interesting to discover that they had found me on the Bikers website which I subscribed to last year for the first time. Apparently they often come to Llandudno on their bikes (as in motor bikes!) but don't like to stay because of lack of safe parking. So maybe I'll be seeing them again as I can offer safe off road parking. A lot of well established Guest houses/ B & B's don't accept one night stays but as I'm still establishing  Lymehurst I have to think that the one night might lead to more business. Time will tell in this case.

The after effects of the stormy weather along the coastline at Llandudno

Sand drifts against the prom walls at West Shore, Llandudno
 For the last few weeks we have had many stormy days in which the coast line has taken a battering. I had given up trying to clean the windows which have been covered in a coating of sand, making them look really dirty and cutting out an amazing amount of light. I discovered this when the weather changed for the better and I managed to clean the Breakfast Room ...what a difference! Suddenly everything looked a lot brighter outside and inside felt so much lighter too. I can't imagine what happens to houses on the front, they must have a real problem on their hands.

                                                  The sand has nearly covered all the steps up from the beach at West Shore, Llandudno

Some of the cleared sand from the roads.........ready made sandcastles!

Diggers out try to uncover the coastal foot / cycle path


                                                                                                                        Debris deposited on the promenade at Deganwy

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Flowers in the garden in January!

Nasturtians that never died
  It has been so mild this winter that we now have quite a few flowers appearing  in the garden at Lymehurst.The weather forecast has been for colder weather which has proved correct today. This is the first time I have had to defrost the car this winter! My worry is that if we have a sustained cold spell then we'll lose these flowers and any bulbs that are pushing their way up through the ground. 

First crocus

Pinks and primulas add a startling splash of colour amongst all the dead foliage. Even the shrubs are flowering

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Christmas over for another year at Lymehurst B&B

Either the tree is leaning or the photographer has had too much port!
 It doesn't seem that long ago that I was busy getting all the decorations out of the attic and then enjoying myself putting them up in time for the influx of family members.

Garlands decorating banisters

But then all too soon the time comes to take it all down. So the garlands came down........then it was the time for the tree to be de decorated.........and then every where looked really empty. It actually takes quite a lot of time to get everything taken down, sorted, packed and then finally stored back up in the attic..

Well, children have started to disperse. Rebecca went off to near Portsmouth for an interview on Friday and has now flown to France to get 6 weeks experience of working in schools. She will be working in two international schools near Lyon. Adam is rushing to get work done on two pieces of work for uni and he will then depart for Cardiff, so the house will seem empty again, although I have my first booking for January tomorrow night. It's only a one night booking so I'm going to be eased back into business mode rather gently. It does seem a long time ago since I last had paying guests. Nice to have a break but bills still need to be paid. Lets hope that bookings start to roll in for 2012.
A belated Happy New Year to anybody that might read my Blogg

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lymehurst's Post Christmas walk (and excercise session!)

Here in Llandudno we have been having some really stormy weather but we managed to get out for a family walk which then turned into an impromptu excercise session, much needed after all the festive eating!!

Not quite the statue at Rio de Janeiro but Adam does an impressive impression.

The goat obviously not particulary interested  in our photography session.... the gorse was of more interest!!

Rebecca's version ..........but it was so windy she nearly took off.

Adam feeling the need to do some exercise........we gave this a miss!!.........I wonder why

Down on the beach at West Shore there was a competition to see who could jump the highest.........

...well I think we can see who won that!!  need to remember to shut my mouth and hold my knees up!

 I could say this shows how windy it was but it was actually Adam showing us an acrobatic trick.......seems like he really needed this walk after all the festivities!.

The really positive thing about living here at Lymehurst is that in no time at all you can walk to a beach (choice of two ) or up on to The Great Orme where you can follow one of many different paths up , round or over this huge outcrop of rock that rises above the town of Llandudno. It's fantastic to have all this on our doorstep. Many guests have been really suprised at how many walks are so close by. They find it a bonus that they can park their car and not need to use it for a few days.