North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Monday, 16 September 2013

Honey Galore

The variety of honey on sale at the Conwy Honey Fair was amazing. So many different  types,colours and  textures, it was hard to choose. Consequently I came home laden with jars of honey from different stalls
 Just look at the different colours and textures

This honey has the honey comb included. I 'm looking forward to trying this

Looks so good with the sun shining throught the honey and  honey comb

I had to restrict my self to 3 plants as I couldn't carry anymore! All I need to do now is dig my new front borders so I can plant them

Conwy Honey Fair September 13th 2013

 This is always such a popular event when the main street of the walled town of Conwy is closed off so local honey producers can set up their stalls to sell honey. A 700 year old Royal Charter permits this it's been going on for quite a while!!
Stalls on the main street

 Honey producers from many  local areas came to sell their honey.

Honey and beeswax products

 Hand made toiletries using bees wax from Trees and Bees company I bought some of their Beeswax moisturiser with essential oils.....smells divine.

As well as the honey stalls there were also hand made soaps, craft work, home bakes and plants.

 Hand made soaps

Even had musicians playing all sorts of recorders.      

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Garden at Lymehurst B & B, Llandudno

The garden at Lymehurst is as ever evolving (is this another way of saying I keep changing things around!!) As a trial and error gardener I often find that I plant things too close together never imagining just how much plants can spread or how tall they can grow.
As we had a long wet and cold spring I made these mistakes when creating a new front border. Suddenly when the  longed for  summer weather arrived the plants  almost exploded into growth and suddenly I had to remove some plants as they were being covered up by the others.
The front border when we moved in...
..........the next phase of the border

 This year the poppies popped had self seeded and were so beautifull i didn't move them till they'd finished flowering. The yellow flowers grew much taller than I thought so they will be moved but they all provided a lovely burst of colour in the front garden.
This year I bought a new bistro set in a lovely turquoise colour so that helps to brighten up the front sitting area. My next plan is to create a circular lawn that will then enable me to have 2 pull in places at the front for 2 small cars.
In the back garden it's just as well that I like the "unruly country Garden" look. Although it probably is rather crowded I just love all the different colours, textures and structures of the plants.

This year I had so many different kinds of poppies