North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Llandudno Boxing Day Dip

Adam having to jump to be seen behind the camel

On Boxing Day the weather was quite a contrast to last year when we had snow and ice. Here at Lymehurst two members of the family were getting psyched up in order to take the plunge at 11.30. Rebecca and Adam rushed around trying to put some fancy dress together which would with stand a dip in the Irish Sea!
All brave volunteers gathered in The George Hotel before making their way on to the Promenade. As you'll see from the photos there was a real collection of volunteers, all ages, sizes, sexes and a wonderful selection of fancy dress costumes.

Luckily the crowd parts so that I can photograph Rebecca and Adam

Almost ready to go

....and they're off

........and into the water....brrrrrrrrrrr

Looks like they're having fun.Wouldn't think they're standing in cold water. 

As you can see there were some daring costumes!!!!

Success.......they did it and survived.

There were 77 Dippers, a record amount. There was a great atmosphere down on the prom and it certainly brought out plenty of spectators.
Anybody wanting to sponsor these daring two can make donations to the St David's Hospice.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Santa Fun Run For Hope House Hospice for children

Meeting up time

The weather wasn't particularly brilliant. It had poured with rain all night but at least it stopped for the race. This time last year the organisers were more concerned about runners slipping on the ice, so at least it was only wet under foot this year.
  When the Llandudno promenade  is more associated with being  crowded with holiday makers it makes it all the more bizare to have masses of Father Christmases & snowmen congregating there.
Waiting for the warm up aerobics session

These Father Christmases certainly had a spring in their step!!

Family and  dressed up dog

Aerobics fun

...and they are off......

The more serious runners.......

...and they keep on coming

This was a brilliant idea for a costume as it really attracted attention and lots of people wanted to take her photo and then donate to the very worthy charity of Hope House, the only hospice in North Wales for children

....and the family with the dog finally made it

Friday, 9 December 2011

Torch light procession in Conwy

A special late "knight" shopping was organised in Conwy and there was certainly plenty of knights and medieval characters roaming around the town.

Just behind the knight in armour is a bird of prey

One very lively jester!!
At 6.45pm they all congregated infront of the castle  and were issued with torches. The torches were lit and then they started their procession through the centre of Conwy to the beat of drums. It really was quite an impressive sight

The procession starts

Passing infront of the castle at Conwy

The procession heading down the main street of Conwy

As well as the shops being open until 8pm there was also a farmers market down on the quayside.

The marquee down on the quayside with the impressive Conwy Castle in the background

Vegetables, meats, jams, pickles and home bakes were all available

... and the starter packs to grow your own mushrooms
Events like this certainly do help to bring extra trade to Conwy. The magnificent setting of the walled town with a torch lit procession weaving through the town made it so atmospheric.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Wild life on The Great Orme

Looking across the river to Conwy Mountain
Having made a trip down to Brighton to visit my daughter which included passing through London,  I felt I needed some real fresh air to get rid of the stale, mucky air of the London Underground. How do people cope with being crammed into a metal tube every day? I headed to The Orme which is only a 10 minutes walk from Lymehurst B&B. There are so many different routes up and around the Orme that you are able to vary your walk each time. This time I headed towards Haulfre Gardens and then took the path up through the woods till I reached the boundary of the Pich and Putt course. I then skirted this untill I came to a view point looking across the river Conwy to the mountains and up into the Conwy Valley.
Looking in the other direction you get a view of  Llandudno Bay with it's manificent promenade. There are many Hotels and the Theatre, Venue Cymru along the front. 

 As I set off along the path I spotted the famous (or infamous goats. Infamous, especially if you have a garden any where near the Orme!!) As the numbers were getting out of hand the female goats have been fed contraceptives!.

Two of the smaller goats with The West Shore in the back ground

As you can see some of the males have rather impressive horns

Bench at the top of the Zig Zag Path

As I walked westward It was so windy that no stale London air was left  in my lungs, but I had to turn back to take the Zig Zag path down on to the Invalid's Walk route, as I didn't want to risk getting blown off balance as there are some rather steep drops to the side of the path.

As I started descending I noticed that the Kite surfers were out in force. Perfect weather for them 

Suddenly it was as though the sky had ripped open so allowing the sun to shine  through. It was so dramatic

I took quite a few photos as it looked so impressive. West Shore is the quieter of the two beaches  and is totally different to the more busy North Shore but the views are just amazing and  when you get scenes like this or the sunsets that I have included in  earlier bloggs it  never ceases to impress.
Down on west shore the kite surfers were really having fun

The kite surfer to the left has really jumped high

On the way back home i took a photo of the Zig Zag path going up from the very popular Invalid's Walk to give an idea of it's situation
Sign at the base of the Zig Zag path in both Welsh and English

As the name suggests the path zig zags up through the gorse bushes and eventually will take you to the summit
I certainly got plenty of fresh air on my walk. I'm so pleased I live here and not in London.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Parade in Llandudno

Father Christmas drummers parading on Mostyn Street

On Saturday it was the official switching on of the Christmas lights. The awaiting crowds were treated to a variety of entertainment in front of the Town Hall while the parade made it's way from the Train Station, down the main shopping street. The street was lined with plenty of spectators.

Some vintage vehicles advertising theThe Llandudno Extravaganza which is held on May Bank Holiday

I think these were escapees from the Panto!

Another truck advertising The Llandudno Transport Festival

 ..mmmmh not sure who this character is

Several amazing  motorbikes

Not likely to miss these two..!

...even brought their own Christmas Tree

...they really have gone to town
There was certainly a variety of characters and vehicles in the parade so now Llandudno is officially illuminated and ready for Christmas.