North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Llandudno Sea Triathlon

Jo assembling her bike
On Saturday a Sea Triathlon was held here. I was especially interested as two of my guests were taking part. They were up early to do a lap of  the cycle route (before breakfast!) which was the toll road round the Orme (10km).
Dan  almost ready to go

  I did manage to see the start of the 1500m swim. I couldnt believe how far they had to swim out before turning to swim parallel to the shore before then looping round and heading back for the slipway


The first swimmer back and he was way ahead by about 10 minutes

 Others then start arriving at the slipway

Next set of swimmers

After that they then run along the prom some starting to strip off their wet suits while running to pick up their bikes and change into their cycling gear to then start their 40 k bike ride ( 4 laps of the Great Orme!!)
One swimmer arriving while others are being checked before setting off on their bikes

A mass of bikes and equipment all strategically positioned

 I was able, only just, to capture my guests speeding along Church Walks as they completed a lap of the Orme.
Jo just finishing a lap......

....and now starting the next

Dan speeding Down Church Walks

...and narrowingly missing an on coming car starting his next lap!

Once I'd taken the photos  I had to rush back home to get a room ready for my next guests so l missed the 10 k run.
This is such an amazing event, the competitors came from all over and they must have incredible stamina.
I  had an E mail from Dan to say that Jo came overall 2nd in the womens section and Dan came 3rd how amazing is that. I'm putting it all down to the porridge I served them at breakfast!!
To see more about this Triathlon visit

Friday, 15 June 2012

While out stocking up on sausages, bacon and eggs yesterday for my new Canadian guests (first Canadians at Lymehurst) I spotted workmen installing one of the Alice in Wonderland sculptures. Llandudno is creating an Alice in Wonderland trail to celebrate the link with the famous story. The character of Alice is thought to be based on Alice Lidell who came to Llandudno on holidays and met Lewis Carol when he stayed with the Lidell family.
I'll have to cycle round to find the other sculptures so expect to see more.
One rather intimidating Queen

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The 3 Castles Classic Car Trials

Hard to believe it is June when the weather is so dull and dismal but the weather did not deter all the entrants from the  last day of the Classic Car Rally. This rally has been held for the last 10 years and owners of rare and vintage cars come from as far as Norway and Canada. Over the 4 days the 103 cars cover 600 miles as they travel through some of the most spectacular scenery in North Wales. I was only able to catch up with them as they were finishing

All the cars drive  down the prom to the finish flag where they receive congratulations 
The cars all line up giving people a chance to view them and ask questions.

A real sporty looking car
This just shows how tiny the cars are inside

Not being a car enthusiast I can't tell you the names of all these splendid looking veihcles, but they do have some character about them unlike todays cars that all look the same!
More modern classics

Another photo of the interior showing how small the cars are

                                          I must say that all the competitors seemed to have really enjoyed their time and were looking forward to a relax before the black tie evening meal and ceremony.                                                                  

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The lighting of The Jubilee Beacon on The Great Orme

Having no visitors due to arrive till Tuesday I had a night off!! Luckily a friend rang to see if I wanted to go to see the beacon being lit. I'm so pleased she did as we had a super evening up on the Orme. I have to admit we killed two birds with one stone as we also wanted to see the Jubilee Concert. This must be the first time I've actually gone to a pub to watch TV! but it was brilliant as it was all decked out with bunting and they had a huge screen which helped make it more atmospheric. Gradually the pub filled up and the crowds started gathering around the summit. The Town Band arrived and started playing good rousing tunes. Being on the summit gave wonderfull views along the coast line. Once the beacon was lit (must admit we were suprised that the beacon was on the roof of the complex rather than on the ground but it did mean that all the crowd had a brilliant view.) Everybody then started looking out for the other beacons. It was a super evening with having the amazing views and then to have the party atmosphere of the lighting of the Beacon made it a really memorable evening. 
Flyer announcing  the lighting of the beacon
The crowds starting to gather on the summit
The sun has set and the crowds keep coming
The Town Band playing some rousing tunes to entertain the crowds while waiting
Showing the position of the  Beacon on the roof

The light is diminishing as the crowds await the lighting
 Almost time

 We had the sun setting and now the moon makes a spectacular entrance
.....and at last the Beacon is lit
 Once our beacon was lit the crowd was scanning the surrounding lanscape to find other beacons. We spotted about three. We think this one was above Penmaenmawr    

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Deganwy Prom Day

It all felt a bit touch and go whether the Deganwy Prom Day would be rained off but amazingly all the storm clouds passed by leaving everybody to enjoy a fun filled day. It was really nice to see such a family orientated event.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Deganwy 5k Dash

Competitors start to gather
 So today the1st of June was supposed to be overcast  with showers but it turned into a beautiful sunny day.
 Leading up to Deganwy's Prom Day on the 2nd of June they hold a 5k dash the night before along the coastal path to Conwy Castle. It's  such a scenic route
....and they are off

Down the only slope and heading towards Deganwy

You can just see the runners spread out along the path

 Looking seaward
It was so lovely and warm and the sea so tempting I actually had my first swim of the year at 7.30pm. One of the perks of living close to the sea.