North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Monday, 24 February 2014

Wasted Effort!!!

Well my windows didn't stay clean for long! The very next day the wind picked up again and we had some really severe gusts so the windows are nicely covered in a layre of dust and sand again. Oh the joys.

Newly Weds Come To Stay

Last week I had a couple to stay who had got married the weekend before and had wanted to get away for a couple of days. They had stayed here on another occaision and decided that Lymehurst was the place to come! The loft room where they stayed is a really cosy room especially as it has a seating area with  big comfy armchairs to relax in. So almost  my first Honeymooners
Celebration drinks
The loft room at Lymehurst B & B

Saturday, 22 February 2014

How Nice To Have Clean windows

Room almost ready, This is part of the loft conversion room
The view through to the mountains

Dressed for occaisionnin full waterproof gear!
Although the roofers finished yesterday I couldn't wash the windows as the pebble dashing  was still setting. So that was todays task before my guests arrived for their two night stay. It was quite a struggle getting the buckets of water up on to the two levels of scaffolding but grit and determination got me there in the end!! Now at least the windows are clean, not sure what will happen when the scaffolding gets removed but it is so nice to have a clear view out. Even the plants outside the front door had a good washing in anticipation of the guests arrival.
Better view of the snow capped tops

...And in the other direction The Great Orme

 The higher up buildings are on the road up to Haulfre Gardens

 The Orme descending to West Shore

 A more zoomed in photo
This interesting why has the above text gone into  blue!!??

Friday, 21 February 2014

The Roof Is Finished...Hooray

After all these weeks (well not that many ! )the roof was finally finished today at about 1.30. It certainly has been a huge job and not the easiest of roofs according to the roofer. So many angles and gulleys to sort out. Anyway I hope that this will last as long as the previous roof (1924 ) The house should be warmer too as previously there was nothing under the tiles, whereas now we have the roof felt. In the attic it will be  much cleaner. Previously I had to cover everything in plastic as the the cement (there is a correct word that I can't think of at the moment!) holding the tiles in place was gradually disintegrating, covering everything in grit and dust. Infact I have to venture up there to clear up ....not looking foreward to that! Tomorrow I'll have to go up on the scaffolding and clean  the paint work and windows  before the scaffolders take the scaffolding down.

Spring Is Coming

A quick walk round the garden and I found the first tete a tetes starting to flower. Primulas, snowdrops, daffodils and grape hyacynths all coming into flower.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Last Stages Of Re Roofing........(.thank goodness! )

Tiles ready in position so they can start tomorrow on the outrigger
 The roof is very near completion and I have to say that it looks so much better. The old tiles were so badly damaged that the roof  looked  delapidated. The roofers couldn't come and finish today but hopefully tomorrow it will be completed. I will have a lot of window and paint work cleaning to do before the scaffolding is removed. As to the garden that will also need a good tidy up too. I saved all the old batons so there are piles of them  around the shed and they will need cutting up and storing to use as fire wood. It just feels like the garden is a dumping ground at the moment!
The bays are the final parts to finish

One of the piles of batons to be chopped up

Monday, 17 February 2014

To Clean Or Have A day Out?

After all the terrible weather and storms we have been experiencing, yesterday turned out to be a really beautiful sunny day. I had planned to have a tidy up in the garden  and clean all the windows and doors as everywhere is covered in red tile dust. However  temptation was put my way! A friend of mine who attended a presentation talk on Plas Cadnant was so impressed by the talk that she rang to see if I would like to go to the gardens as they had an snowdrop open day. A hard decision!!? After cleaning the guests' room we set off. to the hidden gardens as they are called and what an apt name!! It took us a while to find them and we asked several people in the local supermarket and they couldn't direct us either. It was defiinitely worth the effort as you'll see from the photos

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mobile Friendly Website

For the last 6 months I've been hearing that websites need to be mobile friendly, as up to 60% of people use their mobile devices to search the web. So I took the bull by the horns and decided to change the website. I was a little anxious as I'd had so many complements about our old site. Because I pay for a template I was  a bit restriced with background colours etc but at least I can still change the text and photos myself. It was really hard to choose just 6 photos for the slide show. I have to admit that I generally I don't like websites that change or flash information up but after asking friends and relatives their opinions on having the slide show the consensus was to have it, as then I would be able to show more photos from the area.
So please check the website out and see what you think. Comments welcome
Just some views from a walk on Llandudno promenade

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Storms Again!!

It's just after 10pm and I'm hoping that the wind will die down so I can have a decent night's sleep. The weather forecast was so bad for today that the roofers basically called in the morning to double check the battonin was really secure. Yesterday they only just managed to get the felt up on the roof  when  it started hailstoning so they were madly battoning it in place. So at the moment the outrigger is only felted  and in this wind the end bits are flapping around and this enphasises the noise of the gusts of wind. I have been out several times to check and re barricade the large back gates.Oh for some calmness

Guests Come to Stay Even Though Re Proofing Going On!

I chose January/ February to have the roof done as I thought I wouldn't get any availability requests so consequently I haven't  been  pro active advertising. Much to my surprise I have actually had quite a bit of business!!. Of course I have had to explain the situation and offer reduced rates but some money is better than none and guests have appreciated the lower prices. At the moment I have some workmen staying. Two came for 2 nights last week and then this week there are 3 of them for 4 nights. The perfect guests for this situation (once we agreed that they didn't go upstairs again in their muddy clothes!!!!) .By the time they finish work it's too dark to see the scaffolding and then they are having breakfast at 7am (not my best time of day, especially as I've been sleeping really badly) so again they don't see the outside.On Friday I have a couple coming for 4 nights. They are moving here and needed somewhere to stay while their flat was being finished. So hopefully the every day bills will be covered this month.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lovely Daffodils.

My sister just knows how to cheer me up..........a bunch of daffodils.
Daffodils are just such lovely, bright cheerful flowers. They always bring a smile to my face and at present take my attention away from the scaffolding!!!.

Necessary Break From The Builders

Views across the estuary to the mountains
 Having building work going on constantly does eventually get to me so every now and then I nip out for a walk. Last week I thought it was going to be miserable weather but when I arrived at West Shore (all of 8 minutes walk away) it actually proved to be lovely clear weather,great for taking photos. With vviews like this the building work is soon forgotten
Looking back towards The Orme

Anglesey and Puffin Island

Wonderful cloud formations  & reflections

Wonderful cloud formations  & reflections

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Main Roof Completed...Just In Time!

Yesterday we had a lovely calm sunny day so the roofers were able to finish the final section of the roof. I'm so relieved as that night the storm blew in and it has continued to be very windy and rainy today.
Last section

Ridge tiles being replaced

Beautiful filial adds character to the ridge

Views from the roof

View fom the roof at Lymehurst

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Roof Progresses At Lymehurst

Once the scaffolding was errected I decided that this was the time to get any other high up jobs done. So the chimneys needed re pointing and flanching ( you learn all the technical terms!)and I decided to have a chimney liner installed to connect with the wood burning stove, which I have now discovered is  a compulsory requirement.. Getting these jobs done in the right order and as quickly as possible was a bit of a task but necessary as the chimney scaffolding had to be removed before the roofers could start!!
Looks like an enormous snake
 A week after the scaffolding went up those jobs were completed and the roofers started  work. I have never been so interested in weather reports!! Each day I hoped for decent weather. To be honest even though we have had some terrible forecasts the roofers have managed to work. Here in Llandudno the weather can blow over quite quickly and often the weather isn't as bad as had been forecast
Liner being fed into chimney

Nearly there now

Roofing materials arrive

Scary time, no tiles on!

Felted and least it's waterproof now...I hope!

Most of the back roof done