North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lymehurst garden

The garden has needed some rain and it is certainly getting plenty today. Having just finished a mamouth ironing session I thought I'd sit at the computer for a while as I can't be tempted out in to the garden!! Now of course I have seen how long it is since I added anything to this blog. You definitely need to be pretty dedicated to do this regularly or have spare time.
Always on the look out for different places to advertise I decided to try advertising on a bikers site. The lady who runs the site said that the gated parking at the back of the house would be perfect for bikers to park their bikes safely off the road and out of sight  so I thought why not. It seems to be working. I have already had two lots of bikers and another enquiry.

Getting back to the subject of the garden I thought I'd include some pictures. Flowers are so amazing when you look closely at them
I really like bleeding hearts. They are so elegant. The pink variety (I have to get one) always remind me of Gunilla's  garden outside her kitchen window on Hogsara where we used to live. Hogsara is a small island off the coast of Finland.

One of my guests bought me a selection of bulbs when she realised I loved gardening and this amazing anenome  is the result! What a colour.

I have wanted one of these rock roses for a long time so when I was able to get a cutting!! I was delighted and even more delighted when the first flower appeared

An alium. Just like an exploding firework but better as it lasts longer and is peaceful as it sways in the breeze

Another rock rose, grown from a cutting taken from a friends garden. Very colourful but not as elegant looking as the white one

Why this picture you might ask.  Dill..... I love dill for it's looks , flavour and for many memories of summers on Hogsara where we used to grow masses of it to sprinkle on the smoked flounders and turbot we sold to sailing boats that were moored in the bays around the island.

I have several Penstomen plants but this is special as it took a long time to find. I love the purple, blue hue.

 As the weather is still so horrible outside it has really cheered me up looking at these pictures. I think it would be very hard not to have a garden now. When I worked in a day unit with the elderly who had mental health problems I found that when I came home  I'd make a cuppa and then just wander around my garden....and what a relaxing therapy that was.