North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Monday, 29 November 2010

The big move

Well where to start. We lived in Harrogate North Yorkshire from 1990 until mum made the big move in 2007. Harrogate is a beautiful town but it has one major problem and that is its situation, over 2 hours from the nearest beach. 
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We all love the sea and feel most comfortable being close to it. While my brother and i were growing up we fantasized about living by the coast, but with moving schools and jobs etc it was too much hassle. 
I left for university in the September of 2005 and my brother finished his school education 2 years later. 

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In the March of 2007 mum went to visit her sister our Auntie Naomi in Conwy North Wales. Auntie Naomi has lived in North Wales for a long time and we loved going there on holiday, the beaches, castles, nature reserves meant adventures galore. 

Mum and Auntie Naomi

One day while walking around Llandudno (10 minutes away from Conwy) she stopped to look in an estate agents window and found that there was a bed and Breakfast for sale, this was nothing unusual but when she realised that it was at a price she could possible afford her mind started to spin. After a quick visit around the property she called me. 
You see mum has wanted to run her own bed and breakfast for as long as i can remember, but having two kids had put her dreams on hold. So as you can imagine suddenly when there was a possibility that her dreams could become a reality, she was very excited. 
I went to visit the property in my easter holidays (or study leave) from uni. I loved it, my brother saw the photos and approved and that was that. Mum put our house in Harrogate on the market. 
Sadly the bed and breakfast that mum had fallen in love with got sold before our house did, but this didn't deter mum. In July 2007 she moved to Wales. 

This is where the first part of the story ends. 
The next part was probably the most complicated and that was finding a suitable house. 

west shore beach 5 minutes away from Lymehurst b&b