North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Monday, 20 August 2012

The garden flourishes in the "non" summer weather

Back garden at Lymehurst B&B

 Usually by this time of year the garden is well past it's best and looking rather sad but due to the regular rainfall this summer and intermittent sunny spells! certain plants have well and truly flourished. The lavenders and laveteria have been amazing.
The front garden at Lymehurst.  

 We have also had lots of beautiful poppies.These Californian poppies look almost unreal as their colour is so vibrant. They self seed and add  a wonderful splash of colour

The purple poppies almost have an antiquey look about them.The brilliant thing is that they self seed and don't seem to mind  being moved around when in seedling form. I've had lots cropping up in the vegetable patch and have moved them to other parts of the garden. They have very strong stems so have survived all the strong winds without staking unlike the red poppies.
Poppies in Lymehurst B&B's garden

So during this summer there have been plus and minus points. I have not had to water the garden but have needed to cut the lawn more frequently. The plants have remained bushy and healthy looking for much longer. The veg patch hasn't been too successful but at least we have had some courgettes to eat.Slugs have eaten lots of my flower & Veg seedlings even though I tried to plant them out when reasonably large. I became so incensed that I was  driven to using slug pellets! Oh the joys of gardening.

Monday, 13 August 2012

3 Days of Summer

Enjoying the evening sun
Not done a Blog for quite a while as we have been busy even though the weather has not been brilliant. The practicalities of keeping the B & B in order and looking after guests obviously takes priority  so it was really nice to have some real summery weather just in time for the arrival of Rebecca who had travelled up from Brighton on her birthday. We took a picnic tea down to West Shore which was lovely as we were able to swim and then enjoy our tea  while lapping up the sun and enjoying the spectacular views across the sea to the mountains. I have to say that it would be very difficult to get a better view and to think we have it on our doorstep how fortunate are we?!
 Looking up the estuary towards Conwy Marina
 By the time I decided to take photos  most people had headed home so the beach was almost empty even though the sun was still shining. (Obviously need to clean my camera lens as there are some awful marks across the photos.......not very professional!!)
The view towards Anglesey

Looking towards Conwy Mountain