North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Conwy Half Marathon

2nd and 3rd runners
 At first I thought the weather was about to change for the worst but just in time the sun came out to shine on this spectacular route. As I couldn't get to the start point I rushed down to West Shore and hurried along the beach to try and get to a good advantage point. I could not believe how fast the first runner came into view.

I was very suprised that the path had not been cleared of sand as this must have made it hard going and also narrowed the way.

Looking towards The Great Orme which the runners had to run round and there are some very steep parts which must have really taxed them

More runners starting to appear

A constant steam now as they all head towards the Orme

View from the beach. A helicopter was flying over head capturing all the action

And here is the 1st runner. I think I took this at just before can he have run all that distance in 1 hour. from here it's about 2miles to the finish

2nd runner

3rd runner

1st female

...and now more runners

In the background you can just see the toll road below the rock face on the Great Orme, this is where they would have run down

A little later on and still they keep coming

How thankful they must have been to see this mileage post!
From some of the comments that I heard I think some people had had rather a suprise that there was such a climb on the Orme. On the positive side the amazing views throughout the run had impressed some runners. I think there will be some very tired competitors tonight but a huge WELL DONE to them all

Friday, 18 November 2011

Butterflies in November!

While Gardening the other day I was amazed to see a butterfly, bumble bee and wasp. I think this must be a very confusing time for them.

 3 weeks ago I cut the lawn for what I thought would be the last time this year.............                                but out came the lawn mower yet again 2 days ago. The weather has been so mild that i have been able to sit out and have lunch. Quite something for November.

Lawn mowed and heading for a sit down while the sun is still shining in the back garden of Lymehurst B & B

We keep being told that it's going to be another harsh winter so in preparation for the cold weather we had a log delivery the other day. A good selection of hard wood which will hopefully burn for longer and so help to cut down on the  gas bill. Now I just need to stack it.

When we lived in Finland eveybody's wood piles were so neat, that  I think there has to be an art to stacking wood, as I can never seem to acheive such precision or perhaps in Finland the branches are more uniform!! Thinking of wood piles, as you do! I remember when I went back to Hogsara in February, ( Hogsara is a small island off the coast of Finland  where we used to live ) I went skiing through the forest and took photos of some serious timber piles!!

In minus12-18 degrees it was hard work creating my own tracks through the forest on Hogsara... but it was so wonderfully tranquil.

Wood pile awaiting collection by the timber company

Some of the piles of timber were huge but they were so photogenic against the back ground of sparkling snow,
A slight digression from butterflies in my back garden in Llandudno!!

Garden Tomatoes in November!

On the whole this year has been a bad year for our vegetables. I'm putting it down to a  it being a very dry  spring followed by ravenous slugs and insects which swept through several re sowings! Eventually some of my courgette plants managed to survive and produced a decent supply of courgettes and I have to say the kale is looking really healthy. .

 Tomato plants were not producing tomatoes earlier on but with the arrival of autumnal  sun and warmth they suddenly took off. I had decided to plant them in a re cycled container right at the end of the garden where they could be in the sun for as long as possible. So we have been enjoying home grown tomatoes.
 In the last couple of weeks I have been bringing them in to finish ripening as I couldn't believe this good weather would continue.
Selection  of the tomatoes grown outside at Lymehurst B&B

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sunset from The Great Orme

               I decided to head up on to The Great Orme going via Haufre Gardens, then up through the woods, past the 9 hole Pitch & Putt course.
This is the view of the North Bay with The Little Orme in the distance and part of the Pitch & Putt in the foreground. Definitely a course with a view.

It's quite a steep climb in places but when you know that the views are going to be spectacular it's well worth it. As I walked along the path the sun started to set so I just couldn't resist taking lots of photos  so here are  a few to share with you. Ignore the time as it is incorrect the photos were actually taken about 4pm

All these photos are taken looking westward towards Anglesey
I kept taking photos as I descended down the "Zig Zag" path  until I reached the beach when I took the photo below
Down on West Shore and the sun has set.
This was definitely just what the doctor ordered to rid my mind of all the Fire Prevention rules & regulations.How wonderful to have such views so close to home. A great finish to the day before returning home to Lymehurst B&B

Fire Safety Consultant's Visit.

Today the weather has yet again turned out to be much better than expected and so mild. This is really so peculiar to have such mild weather this late in the year.
This morning I stayed in as I was due to have a Fire Safety Consultant do an inspection. I've had to bite the bullet and get a professional in to write our Fire Risk Assessment as I have been left in confusion about what is actually required! Due to changes in the law, as a provider of overnight  accommodation the onus is now on the owner to produce  a Fire Risk Assessment and from that ensure that all necessary precautions are taken so that the property is as safe as possible for paying guests. Due to having been given confusing advice from  the fire service!! the work that I'd had done was not fully compliant with the rules and my Risk Assessment was considered to be insufficient. Initially when the audit was done back in January I actually considered giving up the idea of doing B&B as the cost of installing a new fire detection system, installing emergency lighting etc in what is after all our home just seemed to be totally out of proportion and extremely expensive. The main reason for  more demands being made on me is that I'm right on the border line of when a more complex system is required . Even though we can only accommodate up to 6 guests and usually it's more likely to be 2-4 guests because the 2nd room is above the 1st floor level that is what makes the big difference. After having had further discussions with the Fire Service they relented on some of their demands but then made others so in the end I thought it best to get an  opinion from a  professional Fire Safety Consultant .
After the survey, thankfully he agreed with me that we do not require the emergency lighting and do not need a new detection system but can add to the hard wired smoke alarms we already have. Let's hope that this now means it is all sorted. The joke is that these new regulations are an  EU you think accommodation owners in Greece and Spain adhere to these rules and regulations...I don't think so!
Now I need some therapy.....I think a good bracing walk will fit the bill.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Wales Rally GB part 2 in Conwy

While the rally cars were busy doing their next race Conwy was was getting all prepared to welcome them. On the quayside entertainment and a hogroast were awaiting all the visitors that were pouring into this wonderful old walled town.Shops cafes and restaurants were all open giving the place a real continental feel. The weather forecast had been for miserable, rainy weather but conditions couldn't have been more different. The sun had been shining all day and now as evening approached a  fabulous scene was  being created with  a  full moon in a clear sky,  shining down on all the spectators and the building anticipation of the arrival of the rally leader's car.

A spectator tucking into  a hogroast sandwich with crackling ,stuffing and apple sauce. Full moon in the background
Good old fashioned entertainment

Roasted chestnut stall

Adding atmosphere to the ancient town, people in traditional costume
As  the rrally cars approached  the quayside fireworks were set off from the castle ramparts

The fire works being set off from the castle

The rally cars drove down on to the quay where they spent about 15 minutes in front of spectators and then headed up through a narrow archway in the town walls to then drive along the main road.
The street became so crowded that the rally drivers had to be really careful turning on to the main road. As you can see everybody was busy taking photos.

On route back to the car the scene by the castle walls was just amazing. Times like that make you wish you had a better camera in order to really capture the scene.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wales Rally GB

 There has certainly been a lot of hype about this Rally so I thought I'd better see what it was all about.
 In the afternoon before all the cars came on to the main street in Llandudno they went through a thorough  checking procedure


then  as they paraded in front of the crowds lining Mostyn Street drivers were interviewed by  radio and TV reporters before setting off around the Great Orme.

As an added attraction there were some old vehicles  to view. 

Traction engine pulling an old carriage

..................and several people were wandering around in traditional costumes.

Some people dressed up in traditional  costumes.

Once the cars were ready to set off I dashed back to Lymehurst B&B, got on my bike and cycled to West Shore hoping that I would be in time to see the cars  finishing their circuit of the Great Orme. The toll road round the Orme is narrow and twisty with sheer drops down in to the sea in places, so definitely a testing place to drive. There weren't as many people at West Shore so plenty of space  for me to park my bike and await the Rally cars.

Toll House with The Great Orme in the background

 The wonderful view the Rally Drivers  ( if only they had time!!)  were faced with  as they raced down the last  down hill section of The Orme

At this point the drivers are returning to the start point

. .

 After finishing the circuits of the Orme there was no rest for the drivers, they then headed off to  race round yet another course before returning to Conwy. More detailed and technically correct information and results can be found on http://www.walesrallygb.comwill/ continue with that tomorrow.