North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Monday, 24 January 2011

A parcel arrives.

It's so nice when you get a parcel sent to you as it doesn't happen that often. As soon as I read who it was from I realised it was the T-shirts my brother had had printed for us. Rebecca has always loved my brothers artwork from when he was at Harrogate Art College in the 60s. and even has some pinned up in her room. Having seen him in photos on his travels in Sweden in the 60s, wearing a T-shirt he had made, Rebecca was desperate to have one and as he was off to Glastonbury last year he had some made up as Rebecca felt people would want to buy them. So now we have some.
The image was initially produced as a poster for one of his projects and this was photographed in many different settings. Now the plan is to continue the theme 40 years on of  "taking the poster for a walk" but using the t-shirts instead and  have photos of people wearing the T-shirt in all sorts of different places, situations etc. I will get my brother to forward some of his photos and include them another day. He has a website where he sells all sorts of things. Lewis Nostalgia

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Nosweth dda............Good evening

Well as you can see from the title I did attend my first Welsh class  and I've learned how to say good evening and some other basic Welsh words! My goodness me I think it's going to be hard going. There are so many different sounds and then lots of consonants and hardly any vowels and no similarity to English or French, so  you can't even have a guess at the meaning of words..
Going straight to the Welsh Class after my visit from the fire department added stress on stress.! Having thought I'd followed the Fire Departments instructions to the tee, I now find I'm  expected to do even more work to the house to comply with all their rules and regulations. I can really understand why people are giving up running B&Bs especially if like me they only have two rooms in what is basically  their home. After fuming for a while and wondering if it was still worth  while continuing with the B&B I decided to go for therapy........namely the beach. It's amazing how a walk on the beach and taking some  photos can help to put all worries in the back ground. Here are some of the views I captured while walking on West Shore. I think the oveall title for the first three photos would have to be "Reflexions"

 The Great Orme reflected in a pools

 The tide goes a long way out and leaves sand banks which look deceptively safe to walk on but when the tide turns the sea comes in very fast and surrounds the banks so you do have to be carefull and pay attetion to the tide time tables.
 Just before I set off home couldn't resist try to take a sunset.
 Since getting home I've been a very busy bee (could it be a means of working off all that nervous energy that's built up!!) Even made some bread which I haven't done for ages. So My guests tomorrow morning will have the option of home made bread rolls.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Free childrens art event

There is a Free Childrens art event being held in Venue Cymru on the 29th and 30th of January. 
The event is called Take pART. 
More information can be found here or on their Facebook or Twitter page. 
This event was held first in 2009 and was a great success so if you are in the area i would suggest getting more information.

A list of events

Ok well mum is bogged down with all sorts of business things that i don't understand so i thought i would put a little post up here. The area of North Wales that we live in has a lot of events, i just quickly checked up the ones for Llandudno and there are more than 9 pages on the tourist information website (can be seen here). The nearby towns are very accessible by foot bus or train so their events can also be considered.
In Llandudno we have an amazing teatre or maybe it should be called an exhibition centre. Its name is Venue Cymru and here is a list of their up and comming exhibitions 


Exhibition by Dave Newbould
1st October 2010 - 17th January 2011

Snowdonia is one of those rare places where mountains and coast interact.  The peaks are not large in world terms, but they are definetely 'real' mountains, rugged and shapely.  The proximity of the sea means that the weather comes and goes quite suddenly.  Because of this there are times of strong lighting and vivid colour, but the photographer must be ready as it can all change in an instant.

Dave first picked up a camera to record his love of mountains and mountaineering.  He now enjoys nothing more than exploring the wild areas of Snowdonia searching for those special moments when light, atmosphere, shape and texture show this wonderful area at its best.  His Christian faith motivates him to share what he sees of God's creative handiwork with a wider audience.

Dave is one of a handful of photographers still using film for his work.

November 17 - February 28 2011

Patricia was affected by the sea and coastal life when creating her recent work, endless washes of salt sea water, moving, merging, changing, overlapping, timeless.  Her woven and nuno felted work reflect attraction towards light, transparent, filmy fabric with a cutting edge.  An abiding fascination for her has been illusion, 'things not being quite as they seem'.  This ambiguity is reflected in her work, her pieces are loosely woven, fine gossamer drifts of cloth, memories of fine lace and silk from early days as a lingerie designer.  She sometimes uses fine steel in her woven pieces, the steel perceived as hard and resistant can, however, produce the softest sculptural cloth.  She has included in this exhibition felt vessels inspired by pottery from ancient Celtic and Beaker archaeological sources.

After many years living and teaching in the developing world, Patricia returned to Britain and studied Textile Design BA (Hons) at the London University of Arts, Chelsea College of Art and Design.  She is committed to bringing a lifetime's interest in textiles to adult education and to overseas development and training.
1st February - 30th April 2011

Phil Brown lives and works in Anglesey, where he was brought up.  His background is in graphic design, which he studied at Bristol University.  His career has included teaching Graphic Design as leader of the National Diploma course at Coleg Menai.  After finishing his tenure, he set up his own graphic design business with a particular emphasis on developing his illustration work.  His clients have since included Vodafone, Capital One, The Guardian Guide and Lexus.

In 2007 Phil retrained as a remedial and sports masseur and now runs a successful clinic on Anglesey, working with people to overcome muscular and skeletal pain and improve movement patterns.  His attention has now firmly focused on this aspect of his career.

His recent paintings are the result of a desire to work more freely and personally.  Indeed, to rediscover joy and fun in the creative process.  Over the summer of 2010, Phil produced a series of abstract paintings inspired by a trip to San Diego years before.  Phil had travelled extensively in the past and the ideas and recollections of the trip were ripe for exploration and expression through a looser, more fluid and spontaneous way of working.  The San Diego paintings are a part of an on-going body of abstract work that Phil finds refreshing and exciting to explore as a complement to the manual therapy he works at with his clients.  There is a synergy between movement therapy, which requires a creative and improvisational approach, and the application of painted marks to the surfaces of his canvasses.

You can view some of Phil's work and read more about his creative process at

All this information has been taken from Venue Cymru's website

Monday, 17 January 2011

January 17th

After Rebecca working so hard to get this blog set up for me it seems terrible that I haven't added to it at all but once all family and guests left it took a while to get the house back in order  (find everything!!) and to catch up on all the paper work etc that had been gladly shoved into a draw. (From that you might gather that the administrative side of the business is not my favourite part!) Running a B&B, as I'm finding out includes all sorts of rules and regulations that have to be adhered to. At the moment I'm going through my Fire Risk Assessment ensuring it is all up to date as I have the Fire Prevention Officer coming to do a check on Wednesday.Hopefully he will be satisfied with what I have had done. Wednesday is going to be an interesting day as I will be starting a Welsh Course so you never know I might be adding the occaisional Welsh word here and there, just to impress!!

As this blogging is all new to me I'm going to attempt to add some photos. This Christmas provided some amazing snowy scenes so let's see how I get on.............

Looking back towards The Great Orme from the foot/cycle path that takes you to the amazing Conwy Castle and walled town

Rebecca added a picture taken in about the same place but this is the snowy version

It still amazes me to see the snow lying so close to the sea
Ok that wasn't too hard and now I've even added some text although it's not going where I want it to go!.Well here goes, about to publish first  blog

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A wintery walk on West Shore

Well i head back to Helsinki tomorrow so thought i would share some photos before i leave. Mum has said that once she has Christmas cleared up she will definitely be knuckling down to the blog, if not you might hear from me sooner 
Today we went for a lovely walk along west shore to Deganwy.  It was sunny and blustery a very fresh a invigorating walk. Mum and i both love the fences used to protect the dunes. 

looking towards the great Orme
i like the rocks look like a giant whales tail

Mum thinks this looks like puddles of water
Looking over the estuary towards Conwy mountain

This last one is mum's photo, i love it

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mixed red berries and pistachio nut pavlova

Well mum is Cleaning so i craftily used the blog as an excuse not to help with the hoovering. The weather seems to be turning colder here with snow forecast over the next few days. We have had some great weather over Christmas with snow for a week which was amazing. I know that mum would like to share these images with you so i decided to share a picture of our Christmas pavlova. 

Christmas pavlova with mixed red berries and pistachio nuts
One of mums favourite desserts is pavlova so i try and make one each time im home. I always use the same recipe for the meringue and that one from Jamie Oliver's recipe book "cook". It an absolute never fail recipe. I topped it with a mixture of whipping cream and creme freshe, mixed red berries and chopped pistachio nuts and it was a big success.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year


Christmas this year has been crazy in a wonderful way. Mum had guests right up until Christmas so was slightly panicked when i arrived home on the 23rd. We spent Christmas day with my Auntie in Conwy and then we had them over on Boxing day. On the 27th the rest of the Family from Yorkshire arrived. We all had so Much fun, My Uncle David and Auntie Kathy run an antique business based in Starbeck. I think I might have persuaded my Uncle to start his own blog to share some of the wonderful photographs he has taken. I will keep you posted.
After the chaos of Christmas mum had a few days to relax before guests arrived on the 31st. So  there has been no time for this poor blog. But now it’s the new year and I thought I would give mum helping hand and share with you some of the sunset pictures we have taken at west shore. 

Sunset at Westshore

 It still amazes me that this beautiful beach is less than 10 minutes stroll away from where we live

Hope you all have a wonderful new year