North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Conwy Seed Fair 2013

On Tuesday Conwy's High Street was closed off and stalls selling plants, bulbs, seeds, honey, homebakes & crafts etc were set up. This is a 700 year old charter fair founded by Edward 1st. I have to say that the stall holders were brave to come out on such a bitterly cold day. Last year it was warm and sunny....quite a contrast.
On the way to Conwy the view to Conwy Mountain

Lancaster Square in Conwy

Tea & coffee stall

A new take on the tradional blue and white

Pasties & pies

Beautifully laid out cake stall

No shorts this year.......everybody well wrapped up

More plants for sale

Cratsman at work

Fresh veg and free range eggs

Lancaster Square again but what a difference with some sunshine

Milionaires Shortbread......mmmhh it was delicious

My buys from the fair
By the time I left it was much brighter and more visitors were arriving. So let's hope all the stall holders did well after making such an effort to attend the fair.

Changeable Weather in Llandudno!!

No wonder we Brits talk a lot about the weather. Yesterday we had two seasons, one minute it was beautiful and sunny and the next we had snow flurries. The decorator painting the outside of the house set up twice and then gave up as no sooner had he started to paint then the weather changed!
My first Easter guests have arrived so I hope the weather won't be too bad for them.
At present I'm sat in a very cold kitchen as the windows have been painted and I can't shut them. Think I'll be having to do some jumping around soon!! 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Paddle Steamer Will Make a Return To llandudno

Llandudno Pier

Llandudno is once again going to have the Waverely Paddle Steamer, the last seagoing paddle steamer in the world docking at the end of the pier on the 31st of May. That is going to be quite a spectacle

 Here are a few photos of the Victorian Pier in llandudno


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Face Lift for Lymehurst B & B

We are in the midst of having the front of the house decorated. It has taken such a battering these last two years with all the storms that it really was starting to look weather beaten.Of course just when the weather became reasonable enough to allow painting.  I also had guests booked it's a case of trying to keep guests and decorator happy.
 As business ground to a halt in February I was really pleased to have a booking for last Saturday. Unfortunately the guests had to cancel as they'd had a bereavement. So on top of a weeks worth of booking not turning up and then the other episode of having another week of bookings also cancelling I was feeling some what fraught. When the decorator left early I decided to dig up the front border!
Preparation work under way. Trying out having the stone work of the porch in white rather than black

 Out with the old

I was feeling all pleased with myself until Monday when the decorator started to manoeuvre his ladders and left lots of squashed plants and holes in my new border. Dug out a few of the plants to preserve them till he's finished!

To save money I divided up plants and transfered others

Bodnant Welsh Food Centre

Last week I had an outing to Bodnant Welsh Food Centre. This is a recently set up centre that promotes local foods and drink. There is a restaurant, cafe, and ice cream shop. Cooking courses are also held here. The centre is situated in the beautifully restored Furnace Farm that has wonderful views along the picturesque Conwy Valley. Check out more on — 

entrance to the centre

Plenty of choice on the cheese counter

Wonderful looking meats

Tea rooms to the right

Bodnant Gardens

Last Tuesday while reading the local paper I noticed that Bodnant Gardens was holding an promotional open day for local accommodation providers. So as the weather was absolutely fantastic I reluctantly (!!) left my gardening to go for a free visit. It just so happened that I arrived as a guided tour was setting off. Graeme led us around the new Winter Garden area and then on throughout the rest of this amazingly varied garden. There is something to suit everybodies taste. The walk was so interesting  as we heard about the histoty and the future plans as well as being given information about the plants. Graeme was an excellent guide,informative and interesting to listen to.
The  bathing pool

One of the many interesting trees

The winter garden

The woodland area

Down in the Dell



One of the water features

Hot drinks round an open fire.....perfect

Resevoir above the wier

Bodnant Hall

Part of the Winter Garden
 We are so lucky to have such a wonderful garden so near by. It is only about 15minutes drive away but fortunately it is also possible to get there by public transport. If you find yourself in this area it is definitely worth a visit