North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Meal with a View

Last week when it was such lovely weather I was able to have a picnic tea down on the beach after I'd got all the day's chores done.What a way to finish off  the day (anybody would think it's summer!!) Only a 5 minute cycleride from Lymehurst. and to have such a view....... definitely a benefit of living here

so close to the beach

Llandudno Air Show 2013

One of the RAF Falcons

View of the parachutists from Lymehurst's garden

The weather just couldn't have been better for the Air Show held on the 25th of May. The day before it had been windy and miserable.The whole of the Promenade and pier was crowded with people enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend sunshine while being entertained by the various air displays and air sea rescue demonstrations

Coming in to land on the beach

A very traditional scene

You could even experience flying

A male voice choir on hand to entertain

Watching the incoming helicopter

In conjunction with the RNLI various recues were made

The whole prom was filled with specators

Parachutist heading for the target area on the beach

The Earth Moved for Me!

Well the earth moved for me on the 29th of May!! We had an 3.8 earthquake further down the coast but it still managed to make itself felt up here in Llandudno, waking me up at 4.19 am and making the pictures on the walls vibrate....not what you want when you really need a good night's sleep!
A very strange sensation so goodness knows what it must be like in a really strong earthquake..........not something Id like to exprience.

The Garden at Lymehurst B & B

The seedling earlier on

To plant out or not? That has been the question nearly every day till about two weeks ago when I took the plunge and planted some courgettes and sowed some dill in the garden  The  very unpredictable weather and fluctuations in temperature kept  putting me off. To make sure they didn't die of cold or get eaten by the pesky snails I ensured they were covered in garden fleece or had jars over them. Fortunately they survived so last week More seedling were planted out. Finally the garden is starting to take shape
What a differece a week of sunshine makes. A lot of the seedlings now planted out

You can see from the second photo how the rock rose has really enjoyed the week of sun

Catch up time!

How things change. Business was very sporadic in April and then it started to pick up at the Begining of May and thankfully I have had guests in most of the time since then.
 Last week we had some wonderful warm and sometimes hot weather! It's almost felt like summer!!! However today it's  turned cooler and we have had some rain ( good for the garden and water butts )hence me sitting down to do a catch up.