North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

2nd part of the torch parade

When the torch parade reached the front it travelled up to the summit of The Great Orme and then returned to continue along the front It was really good to see so many people crowding the street to cheer on the Olympic Torch. Lots of staff from the hotels were watching from all the the hotel windows.

Hotel staff on top of the hotel conservatory get a great view of the  whole event

The torch bearer with plenty of security running alongside

Camera crew in the back of the lorry filming the whole event
Initially the day started off really overcast but it was amasing how the sun just came out as the first torch bearer came into sight. From 10am there had been people parading in wonderful costumes, entertainers and the local brass band playing for the crowds on the promenade. Unfortunately I didn't get to see that but my German guests showed me the photos. They were really pleased to have seen the parade. (The things we lay on to entertain our guests!!!)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Olympic Torch comes to Llandudno

The town has been gearing up for the Olmypic Torch as it wends its way through the country. These photos are taken when the Torch starts its parade through Llandudno before going up to the Summit of The Great Orme

Local nursery children keen to see the torch
The official bus carrying the next two torch bearers

Holding their torches which will be lit from the Olympic flame
One very proud looking bearer and the sun just comes out in time
The new torch is lit and will now head towards the promenade

 Loved the patriotic wigs.........not too sure if he's a willing wearer!!

At this point I had to rush back to the B&B to sort things out before heading to the prom to see the next leg.
To be continued....

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pirate Weekend in Conwy

There was a lot of cheering as the competitors raced along the quay
 Conwy was well and truely bustling this Pirate weekend. It was good to see that so many people, adults as well as children had taken the time to dress up in Pirate gear. Once my guests had  arrived I  cycled over along the cycle path ( I decided that parking would be problematic in Conwy so cycling would be easier) When i arrived they were in the midst of having a barrel rolling competition on the quayside.
One race finished without any mishaps 2nd competitor still en route.

A pirate wench competing

Plenty of pirates in the audience

The town of Conwy was decked out with Pirate flags and there was even a Pirate ship moored off the quay

Good to see all the shops etc  taking part

Even a Pirate ship

Hopefuly this Pirate won't be firing the canon at her dad!!

The lifeboat crew were in the stocks and getting a real old soaking....the things they do to collect donations
Just going to include pictures of some of the costumes. The castle in the background makes the perfect backdrop......just a pity there were cars parked there!

This huddle of Pirates look like they are cooking up some plot!
Not sure if he's trying to look fierce

One very tall but authentic looking Pirate
This has cerainly been a very successful event. You can find out more from the website.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Colwyn Bay Prom Day.........the celebrations go on and on

On Monday Colwyn Bay held it's Prom Day. The weather was pretty miserable but it didn't seem to dampen the high spirits. The crowds were out and about  and eagerly going on all the rides. Earlier on the day there were stunt skaters and the 2011 X factor fialist Kitty preforming.


Cany floss stall was doing a roaring trade
Frighteningly there is one person upside down on this ride!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza 2012

The main street in Llandudno has been closed off for all the Extravaganza stalls and fair ground rides. For the next three days there will be street entertainers, people in Victorian dress, marching bands, traction engines, vintage lorries, buses and cars parading through the town centre. This is a really popular event and brings thousands of people to Llandudno. These are the first street entertainers I came across with their barrel organs. They both look to be real characters especially the older gent

All sizes of fun fair rides

Candy floss maker at work

The first Band all looking etremely smart.

It really adds to the atmosphere to have people inVictorian costumes

The traction engines......

are all so beautifully maintained

This drumming band  from Barmouth is so lively that it really gets the crowds going

 and even a mini traction engine
Thankfully it kept lovely and sunny all day so the day was a huge success.

Alice in Wonderland Jam Tart Eating Contest

One set of school children on their way to take part in the party
You might be wondering about the title but Llandudno has links with Alice Liddell who is believed to have inspired the Alice in Wonderland Story. It is thought  that Lewis Caroll stayed with the Lidell family who had a holiday home here.
To celebrate the 160th anniversary of Alice Lidell's birth a  jam tart eating event was  organised to be held on the Promenade at Llandudno  in the hope that over a 1000 school children would help to create a Jam Tart Eating Record!

 Drama students in full costume were mingling with the crowds to add to the party theme and atmosphere.

Hundreds of school children are seated around he many tables having their pack lunch as they await the arrival of this year's Miss Alice. It will be interesting to find out if there are 1000 and if they have created a world record

Could this be the mad hatter and doormouse looking on?

Drama student mingling amongst the children

Lots of children made hats

Not quite sure how a Darlek fits in but the children enjoy having it there

Miss Alice arrives accompanied by the rousing music ofThe Llandudno Town Band

The town band were playing Alice in Wonderland themed music

In order to protect the picnicing children from marauding seagulls ( There is a real problem with seagulls in the town as visitors feed them, even though they are not supposed to  and so this then encourages them to pester anybody trying to eat outside. The gulls not only scare visitors but can also cause injury.)organisers arranged for the birds of prey from Coastal Hawks to be paraded on the promenade.

These birds and their keepers always attract a lot of attention and interest. They have been used further up the coast in Rhyl to keep seagulls at bay. and proved very successfull at this event the children were able to enjoy their picnic without being bombarded.