North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Finding the perfect house

Mum moved in July 2007 and then began her great mission to find the perfect home. She quickly lost count of the estate agents visited and properties viewed. Each one was just not quite right. Many an hour was spent in (mum will have to fill in this gap) cafe on Mostyn street going through yet more and more house brochures. In (i will have to get the exact date from mum) she thought that she had found the right house in Conwy. Just when everything seemed to be going smoothly the sale fell through. 

As you can imagine this was quite a set back and mum immediately began to worry not just about the normal  moving house things but also about Christmas. Where would we stay? we would have no home to come to etc. Adam and i would have quite gladly slept on Auntie Naomi's floor. But mum being mum was worried so she started to thing about alternative ways of living in Wales. 
While mum was considering all different solutions to her problem, including writing in to Phil and Kirsty from Location location location she had a serendipitous moment. A new house had arrived on the Market. Mum went to see it, then Auntie Naomi and Mum went to see it. Mum took photos and sent them to Adam and myself to see what we thought. 

and we all liked it very much. 

Like any house buying process there were problems along the way but in October 2007 5 St Andrews Place  became Mum's. 

Mum moved in Just before Christmas and what a Christmas it was. I came back from uni and we had so many things to do. Our Christmas tree from Harrogate was far too small so we went out to search for one big enough not to be drowned by the size of our new living room. We also needed New fairy light and more decorations. We had a really fun couple of Days making new decorations. We made ginger bread hearts, filled bowls full of clementines and  collected greenery from the garden and after many a scratch from the Holly we had a beautifully decorated house. 

Fire on christmas morning

After Christmas mum started the real hard work. The house needed a lot more work than she anticipated but gradually bit by bit mum transformed it. It now feels very much like our home as well as a bed and breakfast, mum has really put her stamp on it and it looks amazing. I will let mum explain more about the renovating process, i think she even has some photo evidence. I was at uni during the time of the great transformation so every time i came home there was another surprise. I couldn't believe how much she did on her own. She is amazingly talented and i couldn't be more proud of her. 

The attic bedroom, its so relaxing

Lymehurst opened its doors in March 2008 and has since had customers from Australia, India, America,Newzealand, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France, China, Spain, Denmark, Austia, Germany. As with anybody opening a new business in the current economic climate there is a risk. Mum has been so brave to follow her dream and keep going. There have been many set backs but each time she over comes them. I have always known that i have an amazing Mum but during the past three years she has shown how courageous and business minded she can be. I think as every child grows up you start to see different sides to your parents, sometimes it can be a bumpy path i have been so lucky that our path has run very smoothly. I lived with mum for one year when i had finished University and we had so much fun. It was great to see her in her element chatting with guests and doing all these extra small things to make them feel more at home. 

Mum and me December 2007 Our first Christmas in Llandudno
Well this is where i leave this blog. I am going to hand it over to mum now but every now and again i will add bits and pieces. I am going home for Christmas and i can't wait. There are always so many things that i miss like roast dinners, crunchy peanut butter and mums welsh cakes but most of all i can't wait to see my mum.