North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

One minute fully booked and extemely happy then next minute booking falls through

As we only got back from visiting Matthew in France on Sunday night I was delighted to get a booking for 4 workmen for 4 nights on Monday morning. Any bookings at this time of year are appreciated so to be fully booked was amazing. About half an hour later the secretary rang me back to ask if I could put another workman up on Tuesday. Usually the triple rooms are occupied by a couple and child. On occaisions when there have been 3 singles travelling together I have made up the king size bed with two single duvets.  I suggested this set up but un fortunately that wasn't suitable so I lost the whole booking........very disappointing. That coming on top of having a 4 night booking for two workmen about two weeks ago who after telling me they would arrive at 4.30 didn't even bother to turn up or let me know till I contacted them at 8pm!! Luckily I haven't had too many situations like that but when it is your only booking it's rather disheartening.

Never speak too soon!!

3rd February 2013
Why did I say everything was fine with the car!!! The day after the MOT a warning light came on, then the speedometer stopped working. Since then it's been in and out of the garage and they can't find what's causing the problem. On Saturday I collected the car when the garage closed for the weekend to see if I could work out if there was a particular situation when the speedometer wouldnt work, as it was working every now and then. As the weather was lovely and sunny I only drove along the prom as I'd decided to go for a walk up on to the Little Orme.

One way to spend your time while waiting for an MOT to be done

30th January 2013
Still very stormy here. After dropping the car off for it's MOT I thought I'd have a walk to the beach to see what it looked like after all this stormy weather. Well when I got there it looked so tempting with the blue sky and big, foaming waves that I thought I might as well have a short walk as I have no guests to see to!! The short walk ended up becoming an elongated one! First I thought I'd walk to Deganwy then at Deganwy I continued to Conwy. It was a bit of a battle at times but so refreshing and exfoliating! ( still have sand in my hair and eyes). When I got to Conwy and looked back out towards the sea I could see that the lovely blue sky was fast disappearing and being replaced by rather ominous looking greyness. Good job I had my waterproof trousers with me.. I headed back and came across people trying to heave an escaped boat out of the water. They were being monitored and helped by the crew of the small inshore lifeboat. I did ask if they wanted help but as they'd just turned down the help of a big six foot man I didn't feel insulted! After a much needed pit stop at Deganwy ( I tried out the new cafe called The Tea Station )I set off on the last part of the walk home. The tide had come in even further to the extent that it was throwing pebbles up and over the path. In the end I had to make a run for it and luckily didn't get caught in all the spray. You'll see from the photos just how much conditions changed while I was on my walk. Perfect timing the car was ready to pick up on my way back and even better didn't need any money spending on it.

Result of the stormy weather

  28th January 2013
Yesterday. I only just got back from a walk before we had a hail storm and then thunder and lightening. I heard that stormy weather was approaching. Then last night the wind picked up and and this has been the result. I'm sad to loose this swing sofa as it was bought with money from my mum but at least it has had a lot of use and brought me and the family a lot of pleasure both here and when we lived in Yorkshire.

Joining the technilogical world.....well trying to!

It's so true when people say "If you want something doing ask a busy person" Now when things are quiet ( too quiet ) I can't seem to get all my jobs done yet in the summer time when busy with guests I manage to accomplish so much. This is my excuse for not keeping up to date with this blogg.
22nd January 2013
Still no snow to speak of but it has felt bitterly cold. I have been stuck inside trying to join the technological world by putting all accounts on to a spread sheet!! Up until now my books have been done in pencil ( as I made so many mistakes.......not my forte at all) so I promised the accountant that I would try the modern way. Adam kindly set things up for me and was there at the other end of the phone to patiently talk me down off the ceiling when I did something wrong and got into a panic. So now I have just finished inputting (is there such a verb....well there is now!) all the information and have celebrated with a mug of hot chocolate made with almond milk. Certainly know how to live on the wild side. ha ha So I didn't go totallymad I ventured out for some fresh air and it really was fresh! When i took the photos I thought my fingers would drop off. So yet more views taken on Westshore
— at Westshore Beach