North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Thursday, 10 February 2011

After the storms

We have had some really strong wind which managed to blow one of my water butts over and almost blew my back gates apart. Fortunately a gallant neighbour took pity on the wet bedraggled me trying to repair the gates while fighting against the wind and rain and appeared with a very powerfull scew driver and in a matter of minutes had wizzed in about 40 scews which thankfully pulled the structure back together. When I looked at my pathetic attempt of 3 scews that had taken all my effort I was just relieved that my neighbour had the right tool. The evidence of the storm can be seen all around. Windows will have to be re washed as it looks as though they have a dirty lace covering!!  The path to Conwy was  completely lost in parts so the council has been out clearing the sand away
 The lighting on my way back was so beautiful that I had to take some more pictures
 A wispy cloud or mist started to come over The Great  Orme giving it a rather mystical look.
 The grasses in the sand dunes looked as though they were being illuminated
 This shows how deep the sand was in places. I would never want to be in a sand storm in a desert

 and finally yet another sun set.

Actually I was taking the photos about 5pm so it shows how much lighter our evenings are becoming.......oh for those long light evenings when curtains don't need to be drawn.
Thankfully I have guests coming tomorrow for two nights. Lymehurst was recommended to them so that's a good sign. It does make me nervous though when there's a big gap between bookings but who wants to take a break in January/ February.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Life at Lymehurst

This is quite a difficult time of year regarding bookings. So when there's such a lull it's time to do those boring but necessary jobs such as  touching up paint work that's taken a bit of a battering, spring cleaning (a little premature as spring is not quite here) and catching up on paperwork and accounts. As I have never had a business before it has certainly been a big learning curve, as I've had to give everything a go. from the cooking, cleaning , producing a website and business cards, advertising  and generally making sure everything is in order. But I must admit that I get somebody to do my accounts as I'm not a money person and felt I needed guidance..  I still do it all in pencil as I tend to make mistakes but at least I've improved and my next aim is to be bold and do it on the computer! (I think the accountant will sigh with relief!!) Last week I did have some bookings and one of those was a returner (always a good sign if they come back) I have been told that it can take 3 - 5 years to build up a substantial list of returning guests...oh well another couple of years to go! Being in business also brings the quandary of when to take a holiday. I feel like I'm being rather neurotic about taking time off in case I miss a booking. I suppose it 's worse now especially when I'm still in the process of trying to get established..
Welsh lessons getting more complex you think you've heard the most complicated sentence  only to have one that's just as bad tagged on the end. I have to give you an example
Esgusodwch fi, i, be'di'ch enw chi, (followed by) os gwelch yn dda and the translation is Excuse me, what's your name, please
so perhaps you can understand why 4 of us on the back row had a fit of hysterical laughing as we desperately tried to read a dialogue including the above
. So I will end this blog in aWelsh way with Nos da (good night)