North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Monday, 20 February 2012

Message on a wall

 I wanted to share this message I found incorporated in a garden wall as I think it rings very true.
 When I worked in a day unit for the elderly with mental health problems it could prove to be very emotionally draining. On returning home I would make myself a cuppa  and then wander around my garden to help me unwind. It always had a soothing effect and helped put life back in perspective.
A wonderful message set amongst the cascades of aubretia

This aubretia has been flowering since January                     

 Here in Llandudno especially at this time of year I still enjoy wandering around my garden spotting which plants are pushing their way through the earth and which shrubs or climbers are beginning to show signs of re growth. Yesterday while tidying up I caught a glimpse of purple and discovered when I cut back some old foliage a beautiful Iris. Close by the first Tete a Tetes are beginning to brighten up the dull winter colours of the garden. I really like this time of year as each day new life is emerging in the garden.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Last Sunday the Nick Beer 10k Race took place.( ) This is a road race run around The Great Orme and then along the promenade organised by the North Wales Road Runners Club. Quite a spectacular route, whether the runners can appreciate any of it in I'm not too sure!! On my way to The Orme for a Sunday walk I stopped to chat to one of the stewards. Apparently last year the limit of 700 entrants meant that many would be runners were disappointed. This year the number of entrants was increased to 1000 and the steward knew that over 800 had already enrolled. The race started at noon. As we talked the 'time' car appeared showing 25minutes 4 seconds with the lead runner Rob Samuel following just behind.
Rob Samuel
Rob finished the race in 30 minutes 35 seconds. Soon there were plenty more runners pounding their way up Abbey Road

I continued with my walk and was able to photograph the last of the runners coming down the west side of the Orme with the ambulance following the very last competitor

Still looking happy with some way to go
Last competitor

Halfway marker, mostly down hill from here


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Here at Lymehurst it has been quite quiet which I suppose is to be expected at this time of year. During this lull I have finally had the last of the inter connected smoke alarms fitted. Sod's Law, I then got a booking for the very same day. The guests were understanding as I had said they could drop their things off hours before the actual check in time. It's amazing how different the rules, are when you offer accommodation above the first floor, even if you only have one guest bedroom on the second floor and only have an absolute maximum of 6 guests at any one time usually more likely to be 4. Initially I did wonder if it was worthwhile all the expense but as I have come so far and started to build up a list of returning guests and recommendations. I thought I'd plough on.
 Walks are definitely my therapy in times of difficulty (and you'll notice in my blog that there have been plenty!!) and thankfully they are free and from Lymehurst I have plenty spectacular ones to choose from.
The weather has been changeable again On Wednesday I was sitting on the the break water wall with my sister gazing over to the mountains and Anglesey in brilliant sunshine yet yesterday it was damp, misty and bitterly cold. Who knows what will come next.