North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Being Kept Busy...Inside And Out

marking out the circle

We are now at the end of May. It's always good to report that it's been a busy month. The weather is still trying to decide what to do! I have had shorts and sandals on but have had to resort to jeans again now. It's difficult to believe but 3 years ago I went in for my first swim at 7.30 at night as it was so hot!! I'd just photographed the start of the Deganwy Dash and simply had to go for a swim  even though I didn't have any swim gear with me.
I'm giving vegetables another go in the garden but between slugs and pooing animals ....(not sure if it is a cat or fox)  even though I have put plenty of sticks over the area,  whatever it is has still managed to up root my onion sets and leave a deposit! My pot of peas have been put on a chair and the snails have still managed to find them....... determined so and sos.

enlarging the curve in the border

The circular shape will make the border less under the apple tree canopy

Happy Black bird

Circle taking shape at last

Re using turf under the tree

Utilising the  old roof tiles around the edges

Plenty of food appearing

Moving the irises

The temporary box I made from shelves in the old garage is now dismantled and the rosemary andn lavendar have been dug out

Herbs now planted near the back door
Back in April I started trying to re shape the nearer part of the back lawn but had to put that on hold as I hurt my back. Last week I set to with it again, so that is gradually taking shape  I'm in the midst of moving plants around and the black birds are really enjoying all the earth disturbance. I always have to check that I don't flatten them with flying soil or plants.