North Shore

North Shore
View of Llandudno from The Little Orme

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I Love My Garden.

 Since owning my first home I have always enjoyed gardening, trying to make the most out of whatever outdoor space we had. and found it to be theraputic Each garden has had a pond or two no matter how small, as I think ponds help to attract even more wild life. When I moved into my parents' house in Harrogate I dug a small pond and had so much enjoyment sitting beside it that I then dug a much larger one, this, even in it's first season attracted frogs, newts dragon flies etc Unfortunately, I can only think that it is because our garden here is enclosed by walls that Istill have had no frogs  or newts even though the pond  must be about 4 years old now. However on a more positive note I do love this garden and how it is evolving and changing each year and has that "un tamed "look. These photos show the gradual progress and I will add more from this year in another blogg.


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  1. I love our garden too. It has been really interesting watching it develop from a barren space to one teaming with birds, insects and butterflies. This years addition of the trellis adds another element to the space like the shaping of the lawns did. I can't wait to collect some cuttings for my garden. xx